Sartoria designs and carries out great ideas, giving a new life to the craftsmanship of small sizes.

From white body wall tiles to porcelain tiles, from the triumph of color to a vibing warm-Countries influence, Sartoria offers different combinations designed for either small and large spaces: a unique, contrasting design, a choice between styles, a choice of style. The launch collections of Sartoria are three: TSquare, Vernici and Polveri.



moroccan inspirations

Wall coverings: white body ceramic tiles in 15x15cm, a handcrafted look reminiscent of the “zellijes” Moroccan hand-made tiles, with a light shade variation that gives elegance and personality to any room. Flooring: an innovative technology that embodies a mix of cement and metal which are key in this 20x20cm size in 10mm thick, a vintage look with distinctive broken edges, in contrast to the modern graphics. In addition to the plain-colour in 20x20cm comes the decor, a pattern which appears and disappears, with effects never seen in traditional ceramics.

Last but not least, the 5x5cm mosaic, which introduces fabric looks on surprising three-dimensional effects, using the highest technology to make it suitable for even high traffic areas. Three projects in one, melted together through modern and innovative colours, consequential of the latest trend research within the interior design industry. Sartoria begins its rediscovering path of small sizes with Tsquare: the interior design project par excellence.



an explosion of color

Vernici is a collection that starts from color, in 14 original, bold and blasting hues. Extruded white body ceramic in 5x25cm size, 10mm thickness with irregular edges, in different moulds with a shiny effect giving a craftmanship look: a unique color palette created specifically upon the latest trends within interior design and wall coverings.

From neutral colors to green’s, blue’s, pink’s, yellow and metal shades: Sartoria keeps on its research within small sizes, this time with a project where colors and eclectic identities are playing the main role.



the small minimalist format

Two ceramic interpretations: 15x15cm size, beton look porcelain stoneware without any light reflections and 5x25cm size, white body ceramic, walls only, with straight edges and slightly wavy moulds in a glossy finish.

The smooth shading of the colors, all in neutral nuances, is what gives movement and intensity to Polveri, pointing out its unique and contemporary character.