Blue and light blue infuse tranquillity and vitality.

Blue has always been a colour that conveys a sense of calm and relaxation. And the home environment that most lends itself to a decisive but at the same time ‘relaxed’ change of look is undoubtedly the bathroom. For a project that brings freshness and new vitality to the room that always marks the beginning and end of the day, you need to be guided in the choice of the best tiles and the most suitable wall coverings.

Interventions to achieve a modern blue and white bathroom can be of two types: a “softer” one, involving only the choice of a few blue or light blue ceramics to be set in white bathrooms, or a more radical one, involving the creation or rebuilding from scratch of a bathroom.















Choose a touch of blue for your white bathroom

If you have a white bathroom, you can with a few simple moves achieve a new ambience that emanates energy and conveys Mediterranean sensations, perhaps recalling the holidays you took as a child in your cousins’, grandmother’s or parents’ friends’ beach house.

As well as being a primary colour, blue has many declinations – from dark blue to light blue – each of which is capable of adapting, combining perfectly with sanitary ware and intercepting shades of the sky and maritime colours.

In all cases, the tiles chosen will end up creating an elegant and prestigious bathroom, but with a jaunty and contemporary appearance as well. And the feeling conveyed by the blue shades of the sea and sky will impart positive energy to the daily mood in the morning and a sense of well-being in the evening, the right anti-stress welcome during the shower at the end of the day.

Between sky and sea

If, on the other hand, you have to think about your new home or undertake a total renovation, blue and white bathroom tiles for floors and walls are the best solution for those who want a sense of well-being, a relaxing atmosphere and a charming outlook.

The combination lends itself to different styles and fresh, modern design ideas that will make the bathroom an evocative and even experimental environment. By playing with different colours of blue and the white of sanitary ware, fascinating patterns can be created that evoke the revitalising power of the sea and the freshness of the sky and make you fall more in love with your bathroom every day.

Mosaic decorations and wall tiles can also be the preferred solution for a blue and white bathroom design with strong exotic references. In the context of a modern blue bathroom, even the washbasin and shower can abandon the traditional white to embrace a light blue and give it a bold and welcoming, elegant and designer personality.

And if you don’t want to be too daring, you can resort to the mere inclusion of a few blue decorative elements, such as majolica tiles with a clear Mediterranean pattern that will become a classy and contemporary leitmotif capable of compacting and uniting all the furnishing elements.

Deep Blue

Blue – we get it – is, therefore, a timeless colour, for its ability to be eclectic, for the atmospheres it can evoke and as a chromatic anti-stress refuge.

Its innate freshness, the sense of novelty it conveys and its proverbial refinement make it one of the most suitable colours for your new bathroom: a strong boost to psychological well-being, to frame moments of intimacy, relaxation and physical regeneration.