Aesthetic research, color and sartorial care have been our cornerstones since the birth of the brand: today they give life to a new experience that marks the entry of Sartoria into the world of wallpapers. We had fun imagining new ways of living by proposing walls in line with the current trends that range from nature-inspired themes to geometries, from digita themes to patterns that are testimony of the Italian savoir faire. Our proposal is developed on non-woven vinyl coated papers, a paper with an eco soul PVC free and a FIBERGLASS that can be used in wet areas.

Size Weight
Sartoria Vinyl Linen L59xH300 cm 350g
Sartoria Vinyl Fibre  L59xH300 cm 350g
Sartoria Eco PVC Free L53xH300 cm 180g
Sartoria Fiberglass L47xH300 cm 265g


2023 Marks the entry of brand into the world of Wallpapers by proposing eclectic and custom-made digital prints in the name of maximum expressive freedom.