Lined up, stacked and assembled, bricks are on all fronts. This simple constructive element frees itself from its primary use and steps out of the shadows. With their playful shapes, bricks are transformed into display elements thanks to geometric patterns that allow for ultra-sophisticated yet informal effects. This year, bricks become the cornerstone of interiors and exteriors, residential and public. Assembled like a huge game of construction games, bricks are arranged in a graphic way to compose contemporary frescoes. Sometimes combined with richer
materials such as brass, marble or stone, they form a complex melody of volumes and textures to explore spatiality, modularity and repetition
playfully, releasing positive vibes.

Size Thickness Finish
VIBES 6,2×25 cm 8,5 mm matt | glossy


Pressed white body ceramic tiles, only for walls, 6,2x25cm.