A new distinctive interpretation of the brick surface for Sartoria, in a successful pursue for new look in wall coverings. Tbrick is the small size ingredient able to complete even the most minimalist setting with the precious touch of its bright surface. A timeless but extremely contemporary mood where colors shine on the surface of minute brick in 5,2x16cm, for appealing wall coverings. A glossy finish that has a hand-crafted perception, enhanced by the color range of twelve graceful tones for brickwork-style laying patterns in a retro taste that can perfectly merge into contemporary design schemes. The versatile nuances of colors, where we have blues, greens, pinks and greys declined in warm and cold tones, allow to combine different shades in gradient. Tbrick assures the advantage of white body tiles and the decorative characteristics of small size tiles: superior colors and glazes, ease of installation and maintenance. The richness of the glaze gives intensity to the surface, and the small size offers the perfect touch of elegance to the surfaces.

Size Thickness Finish
TBRICK 5,2×16 cm 10 mm glossy
Quarter Round 1,3×32,1 cm 12 mm glossy


Extruded white body ceramic tiles, only for walls, 5,2x16cm.