Handmade ceramic projects continue to play a leading role in our program. The aim is always the same: to pass on the handcrafted heritage based on the ceramic tradition from generation to generation, offering new contemporary aesthetic codes in shapes, colors, patterns and tactile effects to embrace a more singular beauty. It is in full compliance with this vision that the two new products that we now present to you are born: Fornace, an “extruded listello” in terracotta, and Split, which introduces the new three-dimensional dividing element in our range for the first time. Both products are the result of the passion, talent and attention to detail of the master ceramists deeply linked to their origins inspired by nature and the skillful use of the elements that has made available to them. The selection of eight shades to choose from will offer you a wide range of options to build up your distinctive project in any interior application.

Dimension Thickness Finish
SPLIT Loop 23,8×12 cm 10 mm matt | glossy
FORNACE 6×30 cm 18 mm matt


SPLIT Loop Extruded and then glazed terracotta, only for walls, 23,8x10x12 cm.

FORNACE Sicilian terracotta cast in wooden moulds and then “ pressed “ and glazed by hand, for walls and floor, 6x30cm.