Ceramic tradition and design meet, reinterpreting the handmade theme in a contemporary way thanks to modern production systems. Highly polished porcelain stoneware bricks in 6x25cm size dress the surfaces with surprising chromatic details and plays of light. Characterised by the imperfections typical of handmade majolica production, they are suitable for a wide range of wall and floors coverings. The palette is made up of neutral shades such as Latte, Argilla, Cannella, Visone and Pepe alongside brighter ones such as Foresta, Stagno and Cedro. The surface, characterised by a multiplicity of different shading, the brilliance of the glaze and the imperfect edges, lends itself to use in combination with materials of natural inspiration, to create distinctive atmospheres that give a new interpretation of Tradition ceramics, enhancing its design eclecticism.

Size Thickness Finish
MATERICI 6×25 cm 9,5 mm glossy


Glazed porcelain stoneware, for walls and floor, 6x25cm.