Introducing EQUUS, an exciting new project from Montreal-based tile designer and Art Director Catherine Braconnier. Inspired by her deeply rooted passion for horses, this exclusive collection was conceived around an equestrian theme explored for the first time. A combination of sophisticated geometry and timeless architectural shapes, EQUUS brings to life a collection of ceramic surfaces that is the perfect mix of urban edginess and countryside splendor.

Size Thickness Finish
FIELD | FIELD SCULPT 9×28 cm 8 mm matt
HOOF | HOOF SCULPT 14×18,5 cm 12 mm matt | glossy
PAVE’ 16,8×23,3 cm 9 mm matt


Field proposes three-dimensional surfaces with a design of parallel reliefs and smaller grooves embedded in the body of the tile.
A special dry pressing technique in custom mold allows to generate on the individual pieces thin lines that engrave the stoneware creating a difference of 6 mm in height. Field’s monochromatic aesthetic motif allows to develop on the wall coverings extremely dynamic 3D compositional schemes. The handcrafted glazing realized through special nozzles gives a uniform colouration that goes deep inside the small grooves.


What distinguishes Hoof is the presence of two different finishes, glossy and opaque, which give an innovative visual and tactile effect without compromising the minimalist spirit of the composition. The geometrical size reproduces the imprint of the horse’s hoof with an elliptical shape which is in part glazed and vitrified, using the traditional screen printing method typical of artisanal processing in third fire. In this case too the elements can be combined according to multiple combinations to draw many different schemes.
Just like Field, Hoof is created with a dry pressing in an exclusive mould of 12 mm thickness and then engraved with an ellipse of 7 mm depth: a considerable difference in height for a porcelain stoneware product.


The third line, Pavé, chooses a compact shaded background in a geometric shape obtained by dry pressing in the mould, going beyond the traditional rectangular and square shapes. The result is a decorative and elegant effect, enlivened at the same time in the multiplication of its ‘joints’ that recreate the stones for paving usually found around the barns and offer both a pleasant look and a non-slip surface for the horse and the jockey. Pavé recalls the beauty and textures of a precious stable.