There are materials that have the intrinsic value of recalling a romantic ideal made of sensations and feelings that anchor us to the family values of the past dear to us. The cement tiles bring with them this type of value. We have created a collection that reflects the strength of tradition without renouncing to celebrate a new sense of contemporaneity. Aplain surface, with an opaque finish and slightly worn by time, declined in the 15×15 size, 8.5mm thickness, in glazed porcelain stoneware, Decorata comes in three neutral shades with some color accents to give an immediate charm to any space and reach a proportionate and harmonious aesthetic. The twelve different decors that can be used in single-subject or mixed poses create original compositional schemes suitable for use on both walls and floors, indoors and outdoors, allowing professionals and consumers to create their own favorite combination, even in commercial areas such as boutique hotels, book clubs, wine bar, etc. A wonderful, romantic product with an ever-present charm capable of characterizing any project.

Size Thickness Finish
DECORATA 15×15 cm 8,5 mm matt


Gres porcelain stoneware hd digital printing, for floors and walls, 15x15cm.