About us

We believe in a world where space fits with people.
New trails, new paths, an uncharted route to create an essential originality.

New perspective

We observed people’s habits
and their daily-living reality,
making a connection between them
and their desires and needs.


We’ve questioned anything, we’ve forgot superstructures.


We wanted every action conceived as it was meant to be done. We wanted it to be worth it. Because simple things are the hardest to be done, but are also the ones that push us forward.

Our colours

We have chosen nature colours: the moon, a mint plant, the night, the snow. Because everything creative within this world is inspired by simple things: feeling good, making time worth living, appreciating what we have.

a project for
detail lovers

For those who love creativity, the tangible appeal of a handcrafted product, the beauty of imperfection.

For those who truly believe that little things are the most precious ones. For those who think clearly and are determined to give space to their personality.

Our vision

A new concept that goes beyond a single style idea, embracing many more of them. Imperfect styles, like those who live them. But designed to fit in nicely.

In order to build the feeling that everything is exactly where it’s supposed to be. A new style for those who love design, for those who keep on searching for what is better for themselves.

Brand Book