Terratinta Ceramiche has always been ahead of times… #welovegreys has been our mantra since the beginning of our story, and now Pantone releases the new colors for 2021 and voilà, Ultimate Gray is the headliner for the new year!

Together with this shade of gray, Pantone chose the yellow shade Illuminating: a combination of two very different colors to demonstrate that diverse elements can work together to support one another. This is the spirit of 2021: cooperation to keep going strong.

Terratinta Group is ready to propose the combination of the two colors with many collections from its brands: from classic Betongreys in Terratinta Ceramiche range to the new Vicentina stone, from the gray variations of Polveri and Fattamano by Sartoria to the classic stone design of Ceppo by Ceramica Magica.

And don’t forget to check the combination with Hexa Yellow, from Terratinta Ceramiche range, and Fattamano Ochra or Vernici Mustard Mayo by Sartoria.

The warm yellow, the color of the sun, marries the reliability and solidity of gray, the color of solid stones, a symbol of resistance: the positivity of a bright yellow together with the solidity of an indestructible color.

The combination of Ultimate Gray (Pantone 17-5104) and Illuminating (Pantone 13-0647) brings together lights and shadows. A brilliant gray the first, one of the shades we at Terratinta already know so well, typical of northern European design, and an intense yellow the second. A choice which brings with it almost philosophical considerations, which have their roots in the difficulties that the whole world is experiencing due to the pandemic. “At a time in history when people are trying, in every possible way, to find energy, lucidity and hope to reinvigorate themselves and overcome this ongoing phase of uncertainty, shades that instil grit and courage respond to our need for vitality,” explains the Pantone note presenting the colors of the year 2021.