Ceramic tradition and design


Memory of the past


Year Book 2021


Colours and texture in an equestrian setting


We believe in a world
where space fits with people


Play with art, play with colours


Scenari, ceramic wallpaper


Shaping space


Hands, Head and Heart


A new style
for those who love design


A dream collection.


More than a style,
an experience


A project designed
for the bold ones


Sartoria, where ideas come from

A tailored project for all those who love interior design, small sizes, colour and decoration.

The last chapter of Terratinta Group, an unprecedented ceramic story.

A project designed for those who look forward, for the bold ones, for those who don’t fear conflict.

For those who think clearly and are determined to give space to their personality.



Quoting Walter Gropius, Art is not a ‘profession’. There is no essential diƒference between the artists and the craftsmen. Both are united by the awareness of how pro€ciency in their craft is essential to make them blossom into art. Not surprisingly, the term ‘Opera’, from the Latin ŏpĕra meant as “work, activity”, is used regardless of whether our resulting object is more or less artistic. Because Artigiana is simply this: our work. We leave it to you to be the judges of which category the €nal result should be ascribed, we know what it was born from: Hands, Head and Heart.


For those in need to add their own unique, remarkable touch to every detail, for precisely those details are the ones that make us feel comfortable, make us feel at Home.

5 January 2021

2021 PANTONE COLORS: Terratinta’s interpretation

Terratinta Ceramiche has always been ahead of times… #welovegreys has been our mantra since the beginning of our story, and now Pantone releases the new colors for 2021 and voilà,…
23 November 2020


Since 20 November 2020, Terratinta Group has become a Carbon Neutral company, taking charge of its environmental impacts and choosing to work in a way to make its activities not…
6 November 2020

For its first Community Day, Terratinta Group takes care of a public park in Fiorano Modenese

Terratinta Group has become a Benefit Company, becoming one of the companies that, by modifying their statutes, have proactively embraced the principles of eco-sustainability. The environmental breakthrough began with the…